St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 8-15-2018

G/Knight Dan called the meeting to order at 7.00.

G/K Dan led the opening Prayer and Pledge.

There were no minutes from July. We swore in Officers and had a social at Happy Joes.

Treasurer Paul report on our balance and there are a few outstanding bills to be paid.

F/S Brent reported we still have 92 members. Liability insurance bill as well as Supreme dues are being paid along with Benefit of Support of Vocations. Audit was signed and sent off.

MDA donation was motioned by Larry and a second by John motion carried.

Motion by Dick and a second by John to make a donation to Chris Kilcoin for student books motion carried

Motion by John and a second by Peston to make a donation to Ryan Stewart for CCD Students motion carried.

Water Park Outing had a good turn out with 25-30 attended.

Discussion on the ticket loss for the Ball Game will be reviewed for next year event.

Motion by Brent and a second by John to purchase shirts for the Officers and T-Shirts for purchase and for new members along with 12 First Degree sashes motion carried.

Tootsie Roll Drive will be on September 14th and 15th. SPEC will cover the Bank and Blackhawk Special Ed will cover Shell. Sign up for shifts 8 to 6 on Friday and 8 to 3 on Saturday.

Special Meeting at Happy Joe’s on the 26th at 6,00 pm to put together the upcoming year calendar of events.

Check with Father Charles for permission to set up a table for membership drive at the picnic. Will also ask to take remaining Tootsie Rolls out to the picnic to sell.

We will be hosting a Major Degree in November. Moving the start time up to begin at 10.30 am for gathering and 1st Degree start as soon as 11.00?

There was discussion about a membership drive on October 6th and 7th

We will be having the Knights Columbus Day Mass at 8.00 am October 7th. Will check with Bernie Happ for the list of deceased members.

There was discussion on these issues as well. No support for the council? Try to close separation issues with St Pat’s? Try to find ways to get younger members to the meetings? Getting dates in both bulletins? Getting the Recorder to touch base with the office on the upcoming events so they also are published.

Motion by Larry and a second by Paul to adjourn motion carried. Adjourned at 8.15.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda