Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose Council 12576
Date – August 3, 2022

Grand Knight (Dan DePorter) called the meeting to order at 6:30. Meeting started with a prayer
followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes of previous meeting – approved by group. Steve made the motion to approve and Bob 2 nd .
Treasurers’ report – present funds – $29817.08
Brent reported 90 members at present.
Business items:
Golf outing – raised approx. $16,000 after expenses.
Owe $182.50 to General Liberty Insurance.
Owe $235.83 to Catholic Circle of Life.
Any questions on insurance talk to Jeff S.
$1 raffle for Vocations Dec. 3, Possible internet option.
No new degree information. Online versions are available,
Steve DePorter (in charge of Rosaries) reported there is no 5:00 mass coverage and no coverage for
Wed. mornings at the 7:00 mass.
Received Thank you from SPEC for donation from last October.
Since Father Joe was not present at the meeting, the request for an altar item was tabled.
New business –
Emmaus Procession information – Will start at Holy Family in Davenport at 8 am and proceeds to Mass
at St Mary’s in Moline. If interested call Taryn Watkins at 815-981-6576.
Motion for $500 to support Emmaus Procession made by Steve DeP. And 2 nd by John.
Cursillo Golf outing Aug. 20 in Cambridge.
Discussion over possible donation to FOCUS ( Fellowship of Catholic University Students). Denny made a
motion to donate $150 to FOCUS and Jay 2 nd .

Short discussion over future possible fund raisers. Dick mention there is a Tootsie roll fund raiser on
Sept. 16 and 17. Signup sheet was passed around.
Jerry F. suggested having a possible assembly for the church.
Ladies group will donate $50 toward a stone for Father Barcliff. Denny led a short discussion, and the
idea will be discussed further at a later meeting.
Motion to adjourn meeting by John and 2 nd by Chris.
Closing prayer.

Recorder – Boyd Harrison