Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose Council 12576
Date – August 2, 2023 – minutes of meeting

Grand Knight Steve Deporter called the meeting to order at 6:30.

The meeting started with a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Previous meeting minutes (Boyd) –Installation of Officers and supper at Luli’s.  The list of new officers is attached below.

Treasurers’ report (Pete) – The golf outing was a success.  Total money – $34,336 in treasury.  Approved by Dan and Bob

Financial Secretary’s report (Brent) – 89 members (& 63 associates).  We owe $230.50 for miscellaneous items. The audit is due Aug. 15.    Approved by Bob and 2nd by Chris.

Meeting discussion items –

Welcome to Father Caster who agreed to be the new Chaplain for K of C.

Larry – degree information.  There will be a ceremony after Mass on August 20.  A 4th degree class is in the works.

Tom Verschoor reported that a GoFundMe posting covered the cost of his son Jonah Verschoor’s landscaping project for the St. Ambrose flagpoles.  Jonah has become an Eagle Scout.  Congrats!

Rosaries are covered for masses at St. Ambrose and St. Patrick’s.  Steve and Chris reported.

Motion to contribute $250 to MDA by Dan and 2nd by Tom.

Donuts and coffee at Ambrose are being handled by Steve and Larry.

Cursillo will be held for men on Oct. 19 -22 and women will be held Nov. 16 – 19.

Tom Verschoor is donating a ½ beef for a K of C raffle.  There will be 3 prizes.  The first prize will be a ¼ of beef and a freezer.  The second prize will be a ¼ of a beef.  The third prize will be a wine basket.  Ticket sales for the raffle would start in September after Masses.  The tickets would be $10 each with plans to sell 500 tickets.  The beef would be processed in November at Durant.

Larry reported on the golf classic.  He said there were 34 teams on the golf outing and the weather was great.  There was approx. $16,000 profit on the golf outing.

Dr. Phillis has suggested having 3 K of C meetings at St. Patrick’s during the year.  This motion was approved by Dan and 2nd by Craig.

Larry said the K of C is ready to award $100 scholarships to Jordan and Alleman students whose families attend St. Ambrose or St. Patrick’s.

Steve presented Dan with a plaque honoring him for being the K of C Grand Knight in the past.

Larry is the Chairman of fundraising events.  Dick oversees the Tootsie roll event on Sept. 15 and 16.  Please sign up!  Steve and Jeff oversee the candy and nut sales in November.

Jeff reported the Walk to Emmaus last year was a success with over 1000 people involved.   Oct. 7 is the date this year.  Another church has asked for volunteers to help with a similar event on Sept 8 which involves a procession from Hampton to Rapid City.  If interested contact Jeff.

Preston reported that the St. Joe’s meal site is the last Monday of Nov.  If you want to help, contact Preston.

On Aug. 19 there is a Eucharistic Revival presentation after Mass.  The Knights will provide a light supper.  Dan is in charge.

A motion by Dan to donate $ to help St. Ambrose and St. Patrick’s pay part of the Diocesan Appeal was tabled.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Larry and 2nd by Tom.

Closing prayer.                                                                                                                              Recorder – Boyd Harrison