Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose Council

Meeting Date 01 December 2021

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

G/K DePorter called meeting to order at 6:30

G/K DePorter read minutes of 3 Nov 2021 meeting; Approved

Treasurer report Deferred (Paul Putnam not present; in Florida).

Preston gave summary for delivery of meals to homeless. All went well.

F/S Report: Brent states no report from Supreme Council. #104 Associates, #29 Insured

Jay Finn reported delivery of 48 coats for kids.

Committee Reports

4th Degree class and ceremony @ Redbud, Illinois 11 December

Levi, Dale and Fr. Joe are interested in future 4th degree options.

Tootsie Roll sales: report pending

Larry reports No Bill yet for Tootsie Rolls

Chaplain Report:

Holy Hour for vacations is once monthly Father would like better attendance.

He talked about book he is reading. “Why Priests Are Happy”.

He commented that baptized Christians are called to holiness.

Rachel’s Vineyard funding presentation by Fr. Joe 11 December to state KOC Board

$150 per attendee, usually 8-9 participants per session.

We have 21 seminarians in the diocese at this time.

Closing prayer led by Fr. Joe Baker.