St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 2-21-2018

G/K DePorter called the meeting to order and led the opening prayer and pledge.

Approval of January minutes as presented was made by Dick and second by Tom motion carried.

Paul presented the treasurers report and a motion for approval by Preston and a second by Gary motion carried.

F/S Brent made his report and had some discussion of the Retention Committee’s movement concerning members that are delinquent with their dues that the council has been paying for having them on our membership roll. We will make a final call and send a final letter. After this action we make the final step and remove them from our membership roll. A motion by John and a second by Preston motion carried. A motion to forgive any dues that are in the rears if this current year’s dues are paid by Larry and a second by Jay motion carried. A motion by John and a second by Dick to order the yellow sashes for the first degree team motion carried.

Updates and reports were given for the Pancake Breakfast, Trivia Night and the Taco and Concert Night. Palm Sunday Breakfast is on March 25th with Denny in charge. The Guy Randazzo Memorial Golf outing is FULL contact Larry if a cancellation may come open a spot. You can check on line at Event in a Box.

Degree Events: I maybe incorrect on some dates??

First Degree at St Pius on March 8th.
Major Degree at Christ the King on April 14th.
Fourth Degree in Davenport on April 13th on a Friday.

Insurance report from Jeff welcomed the new members that made their first degree before the meeting. Jeff offered the updates for the Knights.

Father Charles thank the Knights for their flexibility and that the up coming Festival may need some help. Father also mentioned that the Picnic will held at St Pats this year. A shuttle bus will need to be used because of parking. Father was asked about a wall for Knights banners and awards received.

G/K DePorter announced that we received a donation from Tom DiIulio and how Tom wished it to be used.

G/K DePorter led the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 8.15

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda