Knights of Columbus  #12576
February 3, 2021
Meetings Notes

Prior to the meeting D/D Dave Yordy and St Ambrose Council and Allouez Council hosted a Virtual Major Degree.

George Huggins announced that Bob Strupp and Dan DePorter has received recognition for the Knight of Knights. The presentation is set for April at Christ the King. More information to follow.

G/K DePorter called the meeting at 6.30 pm.

Father Baker led the opening prayer.

G/K DePorter led the Pledge.

Minutes of the previous meeting was passed out with the agenda and a motion by Bud and a second by George to accept as presented motion carried.

The treasurer’s report was present by Paul with the notation that the audit with Larry’s help was complete. Motion by Dick and a second by Steve motion carried.

F/S report was presented by Brent with the membership is now at 100 with Randy and Tom added to the list. Brent passed out new membership cards. Motion by John and a second by Preston motion carried.

Insurance Agent report (none).

4th Degree report was presented by Bud that the 4th Degree Exemplification will be held of March 6th 2021 in the Parish Center sign in around 9:30am and the program beginning at 10.00am. Please contact Bud to get the paper work needed to submit (309) 732-3120.

OLD BUSINESS: Funds were made to Pregnancy Resources. Dick reported that Blackhawk Special Ed and SPEC checks from the Tootsie Rolls Drive. Larry report that the signup web site is ready for the golf outing. Kitchen updated report will be presented next month with that committee meeting later in the week.

NEW BUSINESS: The schedule of events discussion was held at length and what fundraising events can be held with the Kitchen and Hall remodel to be determined. Other items were tabled until more information is gathered.

George entertained a motion second by Tom to table the Seminarian donation and Father Dennis Hatungimana’s pickup Truck issue motion carried.

Tom spoke on a book that he is reading of the Consecration to St. Joseph which also has the Litany Prayer. It can be purchased at the bookstore for $16.00.

Preston will be checking at the St. Joes Meal Site for a date for a second meal like the one we do in the fall.

Father Baker led the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45. Motion by Bud a second by Randy motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder