Knights of Columbus
February 19, 2020
Meeting Notes

Prior to the meeting around 5.30 17 members enjoyed the warming up of the leftovers from the Taco Supper.

G/K Deporter shared what he presented before Masses all on the work and contributions that are made from the Knights activities at St Ambrose and was going to do the same at St Pat’s. Dan also read the new procedures for the Degrees that are going to be combined. When more information and material is provide the Council will put together a Team to initiate the program at both Parishes.

G/K Deporter called the meeting to order at 6.00.

G/K Deporter led the opening prayer and pledge.

Moose read the previous minutes from January. Motion to approve by John and a second by Preston with one correction of the time motion carried.

Treasurer report was presented by Paul with all bills paid. After some discussion a motion by Bernie and a second by Larry to send the $500.00 proceeds from the Taco Supper for Pro Life to Pregnancies Resources motion carried. The G/K made a donation of $200.00 to the St Ambrose Youth Group.

F/S Brent reported that the Audit was complete and will get the Trustees signatures and send it off. Brent reported that we have 97 members being 65 associates and 32 insurance. Brent presented Bud Phillis with his Honorary Life Membership Certificate. Membership cards were passed out and more dues collected. Motion to approve the report was made by Tom and a second by John motion carried.

There was a little more discussion and the new Degree changes. When info and materials arrive we will put it together.

Dick presented the letters of thanks from SPEC and Blackhawk Special Education for the $1,400.00 that each received that was raised from the Tootsie Roll Drive.

The Fourth Degree members will be meeting on April 2, 2020 at the Riverfront Grill. Gathering will begin at 5.00 pm.

John opened the discussion on getting the event awareness out. Putting it in the paper, getting it in the Post, putting the sign out on the fence earlier and getting the information in the bulletin. John also mention the Officers Meeting that Dan will look into. There was also complaints about the meat being to greasy and not hot enough!!!!!!

The next event will be the Prime Rib dinner on March 7, 2020. Spread the word on this terrific event by Jim. Last year we serve 132 meals.

The Dinner with the Clergy was mentioned so mark your calendar for April 23rd at the Riverfront Grill. Get your RSVP to Bud Phillis by either phone (309) 787-0955 or email The cost of this respectful event is $25.00. Contact Moose for any questions.

The upcoming event of the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team tour and game on March 31st (call Dan for more information). The Bandits Baseball Game is being looked at for a July date. Larry and John will have more information coming. Get your Team signed up for the Guy Randazzo Memorial Golf Outing on June 20, 2020. Contact Larry or sign up on the Web Site.

March 18, 2020 will be a quarterly meeting and Spaghetti Dinner before the meeting at 5.30. Please contact Dan and RSVP (309) 738-9333 or

G/K DePorter led the closing Prayer.

Motion to adjourn by Tom and a second by Gregg motion approved.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder