Knights of Columbus #12576
January 15, 2020
Meeting Notes

DG/K Zawada called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

DG/K Zawada led the opening prayer and pledge.

There was no previous minutes from December but the minutes from November was read by Moose. Motion to approve as read was made jerry and a second by Dick motion carried.

Treasurers report by Paul was given that all bills are paid and that he and Larry had balance the balanced the Councils accounts.

F/S Brent reported that we have 98 members with 66 associate and 32 insurance. We are proud that Honorary Life Membership Certificates for Richard Phillis and George Huggins were received and going to be presented. Membership Cards will be available at the next meeting so bring your dues monies.

Our long time insurance agent Jeff has accepted another job and is no longer with us. He noted in his email that he will be available for any concerns and questions. Our new agent is out of the Rockford area. More information to come.

G/K Deporter called for Event updates.

DG/K Zawada reported that yearly the meal site event went off without any trouble like always. Preston thanks all the guys that helped and Brother Knight Jim Prochaska for his generous support for the homeless.

The Veterans Plaque is being updated with new names that have come forward.

The Dinner with the Clergy was discussed and the April 23rd date has been finalized so mark your calendar for this important event. The request for the financial assistance to move this event forward was motioned by Denny and a second by John motion carried.

The upcoming Taco Supper event will be held on February 8th from 4 until 7 pm. Those who are helping with set up begins at 1.00 pm.

The Prime Rib Sandwich event was discussed and Preston will be getting together with Jim and Nancy.

Denny will be Chairing the Palm Sunday as usual with his expertise. More to come on the April 5th day event.

The Corpus Christi Walk and Breakfast was discussed and John and Paul will be sharing this event.

Tom and Dick has acquired some pork loins for a dinner of some sort with more information to come on that event.

G/K Deporter led the closing prayer.

Motion to adjourn by Bob and a second by Bernie motion carried. Adjourned at 8.00.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder