Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose Council 12576
Date – Jan. 3, 2024

Grand Knight Steve Deporter called the meeting to order at 6:30.

The meeting started with a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Previous meeting minutes (Boyd) – approved.

Treasurers’ report (Pete) – $32,508.82 – approved.

Financial Secretary’s report (Brent) – 89 regular, 26 insured and 63 associates.  approved.

Meeting discussion items –

Mail call – Thank you from Father Gary for the Christmas gift.

Rick Cervantes discussed 9 Days of Life (Jan. 16 – 24), special recognition awards for members, CORE meetings once a month, and the Columbian Award.

Report on Tootsie rolls – nothing new

Nuts and Candy sales – Steve, few orders.

K of C will help prepare breakfast on Feb 3 at the Armory for the 123rd Field Artillery (250 troops and family members).  Sign up to help. Be there at 6.

Donuts and coffee at Ambrose on Feb. 26 are being managed by Steve and Tom.

Suggestion to give a retirement gift of $1000 to Shelia (retiring Jan. 11).  Motion approved by Denny and David.

Suggestion to give $1000 to Catholic Charities. Motion approved by Denny and Tom.

Discussion over when to have the next K of C meeting at St. Pat’s.

Tom. V. invited everyone to attend his son’s Eagle Scout Award Ceremony at 2 this Sunday at church.

Update on fundraising events: Larry

  • Jan: Nothing scheduled.
  • 3 Feb: Pancake Breakfast, 123rd Field Artillery BN    0700-0930 (250-300 troops and family members)
  • March:24 March Palm Sunday Breakfast – Denny in charge.
  • April: Taco Dinner
  • May: Mother’s Day – Flowers
  • June: Golf outing on 15th, live website shortly.
  • July: hot suggestion to have a family-friendly event including ice cream.
  • August: hot
  • September: TOOTSIE ROLLS
  • October: – KOC BEEF RAFFLE?
  • November: Terri Lynn Sales

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Larry and Tom.

Closing prayer.

Recorder    – Boyd Harrison