St. Ambrose Knights of Columbus regular meeting 7-19-2017

G/Knight DePorter called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

G/Knight DePorter led the opening prayer and the pledge.

G/Knight DePorter thanked the Knights that attended the 6.00 pm Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The Knights was also treated and enjoyed the Spaghetti and pizza before the meeting.

Moose read the previous monthly meeting minutes. Motion to approve by Tom and second by Jerry motion carried.

Paul read the monthly treasurer report and monthly bills. Motion to approve by Preston and second by Dick motion carried.

Jerry reported for F/S Brent on the membership. We have 88 members and will pay Supreme our Per Capita. Our audit is due by August 15 and the Trustees and the G/Knight will be meeting at Happy Joes and put together the activities for this upcoming year.

The Bikers for Babies reception was held at Sacred Heart in Rock Island. Father Charles celebrated mass which had a couple of speakers. The group had 5 bikers and 2 escort people. There were approximately 70 to 80 in attendance.

Dan mentioned that he fielded a couple of questions that the Rock Island Council inquired about not being ask to participate in the golf outing?

There was discussion about the parish picnic short fall. Jerry made the motion and a second by Larry to give Father Charles a donation to help offset some of the shortage motion carried.

The Spray Ground Event will be August 20 th from 6 to 8. Contact Sheila to notify St. Pats by putting in bulletin and announcements

The Tootsie Roll event is coming up on September 15 th and 16 th. Tom and Bob will head up the Drive with locations and schedule to be announced.

G/Knight Deporter purchased gift cards for servers that put in a lot of volunteer work at the parish and at masses.

Baseball game was not well attended and will rethink this event in the future.

There was discussion on promoting new members to our council.

G/Knight DePorter announced that the men’s Cursillo is being held in September and the Cursillo Golf Outing will be July 29 th shotgun start at 9.00 am at Hawthorne Ridge in Aledo.

Father Charles is celebrating his upcoming birthday on August 4 th. Preston made a motion and a second by Tom to get a card with a gift card.

G/Knight DePorter led the closing prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 7.50 pm

Respectfully Submitted, Moose Maranda, Recorder