Knights of Columbus #12576

July 17, 2019

Meeting Notes

G/K Deporter called the meeting to order at 7.00.

G/K Deporter led the opening prayer and pledge.

The previous minutes were presented and a motion by Larry and a second by Tom to approve as presented motion passed.

Treasurer report was presented by Paul and all the bills are paid with a few still outstanding ones waiting to come in. Motion by Bob and a second by Bernie motion passed.

F/S Brent reported on the completed the Fraternal Activity Report and the upcoming Audit. Brent also talked about the T shirts and caps that you can purchase. Also mentioned the polo shirts are available.

G/K Deporter introduced our two newest members that transferred into our council. Pete Cone and Son in Law John Wuerzburger that moved south of Milan and are now attending St. Ambrose. We couldn’t be prouder to welcome them and they are both 4th Degree Knights.

OLD BUSINESS: The bag issue was tabled until next month. Moose is going to check with Sheila on a couple of St. Pats issues and report back at next month meeting. Jerry and Dick will report next month on the issues that are outstanding.

John L. reported that the fans for Project Now have been purchased and delivered. Thanks John!

The Corpus Christi event was a huge success and the breakfast monies was being checked on. Thanks Denny, Dan, Jay and Crew.

Scholarship Monies to Alleman and Jordan families are being taken care of.

Seminarian issue was discussed and Moose is going to check on a list and report back before we move forward.

It was reported that Jackie ended up with enough volunteers for her John Deere event.

Jay reported that there was enough help for the Fest setup and tear down. Thanks Jay.

Information on the Kitchen update is waiting for the first planning committee meeting.

Larry is completing the reports on the Golf Outing and will have that next month.

Bob will reporting on the Veterans Plaque next month.

NEW BUSINESS: The Calendar of Events planning committee will be meeting on August 4th at Happy Joes at 6.00 pm. Preston, Dan, John L, Larry, Brent, Pete and John C. Supper and Beverages will be provided.

Larry and Dick reported on the Tootsie Roll Drive. SPEC and the Blackhawk Area Group will be called. This event will be on September 14th and 15th this year. Mark your calendar so we have enough volunteers.

We will being purchasing a hole sponsor for the Curisillo Golf Outing. Motion by Moose and second by John L.

The purchase of two bricks was approved and Moose will pick up the slips when he stops stop by the office. Motion by Bob and a second by Jay motion passed.

The yearly Spray Ground Event will be held on August 1st from 6-8 pm. Thanks Brent.

The 4th Degree Steak Fry will be held at Christ the King on August 1st at 6.00 pm. The cost for this event is $23.00. Send your RSVP to Bud Phillis at

Dave Yordy has become our new District Deputy. We thank him for this move to fill that vacancy.

G/K Deporter led the closing Prayer.

Motion to adjourn by Tom and a second by Preston at 8.00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder