G/K DePorter called the meeting to order at 7.00pm.

G/K DePorter led the opening prayer and pledge.

Recorder Maranda read the previous minutes from February meeting. Motion by John and a second by Larry motion carried.

Treasurer Report from Paul that all bills are paid with the approval of paying Jim for the meat. Also reported that our CD will not be renewed and will be placed in our checking account until higher rates can be reviewed. Motion by John and a second by Preston motion carried.

F/S Brent reported on the membership and hoping to see it increase in this coming year.

Council Agent Jeff gave a compliment on the meeting setup. There will be a Major Degree at Ferrall Hall on May19th starting at noon. Make sure you recruit any new members and know anyone who needs to advance to the 3rd degree is notified.

Larry reported on how well the Golf outing is looking and will be notifying the hole sponsors.

Reports and discussion on the Chile, Taco and Prime Rib events. We could always do better and how to get the information out for the events. The procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi on June 23rd and the breakfast was discussed. More information on this event will be coming. The ball game June 9th was discussed more information to come. A possible Hog Roast this year sometime was discussed and looking for a place to hold this event.

Bernie reported that the Memorial Mass date even a few months early the 8.00 Mass on the 13th of October is not available. As of now the Memorial Mass is scheduled for the 6th of October. Bernie will be checking on the 11.00 Mass on the 13th or Saturday 5.00 Mass on the 12th.

Set up and tear down for the rummage sale event was discussed and request for volunteers was made.

SPEC sent their thank you note for the monies awarded from the Tootsie Roll Drive.

The Veterans Plaque that Bob Plaschaert has devoted his time with the committee to research Veterans of the Parish going back the early 20’s was introduced. Discussion and the cost to cover this plaque was approved. If you have anyone in your family or know of any Parish member with Veterans status please get in touch with Bob so we don’t miss anyone.

G/K DePorter led the closing prayer with special intentions to our Brother Knights.

Meeting Adjourned at 8.15

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder