Knights of Columbus
St. Ambrose Council 12576
Date – March 6, 2024.

Grand Knight Steve Deporter called the meeting to order at 6:30.

The meeting started with a prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Previous meeting minutes– (Tom) approved by David and Dr.

Treasurers’ report (Pete) – 22,683.54 – approved by George and Larry

Financial Secretary’s report (Brent) – audit completed. Working on the semiannual report.  Father Gary added to roll.  Approved by Pete and David.

Meeting discussion items –

Jerry recommended giving $25 cash to servers.  Dan and Denny approved.

Discussion over spending $675 on recruiting for K of C.  This could involve displays advertising Council activities or graphics on Facebook.

Rick Cervantes discussed the Columbian Award.  Steve is going to write an article with photos to submit to Columbia magazine about the K of C helping with the National Guard breakfast.

Donuts and coffee at Ambrose on April 28.

St. Ambrose K of C started 25 years ago in 1999.  Jerry, Larry, and Denny will work on arranging a 25th anniversary party.  Report at May meeting.

Tom Deporter discussed 2 doctors who were helping a family with a Down’s child.  The family is facing financial difficulties.  Tom mentioned that several gift cards were sent to them.  K of C may need to consider helping them.

Greg discussed the Steubenville Program. It meets in Springfield, Missouri July 5 to 7.  It involves 2 vans, 5 hotel rooms, 3 chaperones and costs $390 per person.  Dan recommended tabling the discussion until we know the # of young people.

Marty suggested money for Catholic Charities go to supporting pro-life.

Dan discussed The Women’s Choice Center and the Hike for Life.  He recommended that K of C donate $500 to the cause and Tom 2nd the motion.

  • Denny is in charge of Palm Sunday Breakfast.
  • Larry reported the golf outing (June 15) website is live.
  • Dan is ordering flowers for Mother’s Day.
  • Taco dinner on April 27. Larry is in charge.
  • 4th Degree meeting at the Cellar in Geneseo on April 4.
  • Rummage sale set up on April 13 and tear down on April 20. Please help.

Many churches are having Friday fish fries as fundraisers.  Try to support as many as you can.

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Larry and Tom.

Closing prayer.

Recorder    – Boyd Harrison