Knights of Columbus

October 16, 2019

Meeting Notes


G/K Deporter called the meeting to order at 7.00 pm.

G/K Deporter led the opening prayer and pledge.

Previous minutes were presented and approved with a motion by George and a second by Bob motion carried.

Treasurer report by Paul was presented that all bills were paid. A motion by Larry and a second by Tom to approve the report with the addition of the $150.00 donation to the Milan Santa, motion carried.

F/S Brent reported on the membership and had the shirts for the members that had placed an order with him. George stated that he has Mike and Tyler ready to become members with Rob working on his transfer.

There was discussion on the when and where upcoming Degrees will be held.

Bob reported on the Veterans Plaque will be taken down and 35 more names will be added to the plaque. What a tremendous amount of work Bob has done on this recognition for St Ambrose Veterans.

John W reported on the Taco Event. Larry and John will do some shopping for the needed supplies. Jay and Dick will be making calls for volunteers.

There was discussion for a day to be bell ringers. Dan will do some checking.

A reminder that there is no K of C meeting in December. The meeting time of 6.00 worked out well.

Moose thanked the Brother Knights for their thoughts and prayers and the beautiful plant that was sent for his son.

G/K Deporter led the closing prayer.

Motion to Adjourn by Larry and a second by Dick motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder