Knights of Columbus
October 6, 2021
Meeting Notes

G/K DePorter call the meeting to order at 6.35 pm.

G/K DePorter led the opening prayer and pledge.

G/K DePorter read the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to approve by George and a second by Pete motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Paul with no bills to report but a couple of bills that are outstanding yet to be received. Motion to approve by Larry and a second by Tom motion carried.

F/S Brent reported that the Audit is complete and will get the Trustees to sign off on. A couple other reports that will be completed this week also. We are standing at 103 members 29 insurance and 74 associates. Motion to approve by Jay  and a second by Bill motion carried.

There was discussion about our insurance and the Council’s agent. Our agent is Paul D Kehoe phone number is 815-669-3485 and his address is 227 S. State Street Marengo, IL 60152-2229.

G/K DePorter read incoming correspondence. A motion to send MDA a $100.00 was made by Larry and a second by Paul motion carried.

Dick Meyer thanked all the Knight’s that gave their time to make the Tootsie Roll event a huge success again this year. All the candy is gone and final numbers were not available. Dick also reported that the goal for monies for the Devine Mercy Project was reached and will move forward to complete putting it in place.

Degree information was discussed with a report of the question of a exemplification in DeKalb, IL on 10/23/21. The Southern Master sent out the exemplification dates of Lincoln on 10/11/21, Highland on 10/23/21 and Bloomington on 11/14/21. He is trying to reschedule the Belleville one. We will try to set a date for the first-third degree for our area.

Larry gave a kitchen/gym report with the issues that are being looked at and being addressed. G/K read the instructions on how the counter tops are to be maintained.

Father Baker talked about the mission of the Knights for Vocations and Pro-Life. He spoke on the Rachel Vineyard Retreat with a discussion on the Council’s involvement. It was approved to reimburse Father’s $270.00 for expenses and to make available funds for future expenses as needed for individuals attending this Retreat. Motion to approve by Larry and a second by Tom motion carried. Father also talked about expanding the needs state wide and D/D Yordy will bring it up at the next state meeting.

Father Dennis truck issue was tabled again hoping to get more information.

Calendar of events was put on hold.

Signup sheets were passed around the upcoming events. Terri Lynn Candy sale and Rummage set up and tear down. John Wuerzburger will be chairing the upcoming Taco Dinner to be held on 11-13-21 from 4-7 pm. We will be getting the information on this event out earlier.

G/K DePorter announced that we will be holding a December Meeting this year on December, 1 2021.  This will be a spaghetti dinner meeting.

Father Baker led the closing prayer.

Motion to adjourn by George and a second by Preston motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted
Moose Maranda
Council Recorder